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All you need is an app

Today, we are revolutionizing the way we create apps. 

In 10 years, apps have changed the way we use the web. A very limited space—a small screen—and a not so precise pointer—the finger—have pushed designers to come up with radically new user interfaces. Clean and intuitive, over the years, they’ve imposed their standards on larger screens. 

These days, to keep the attention of a user, you must be able to deliver impeccable UX regardless of the device used, whether it's big or small.


Imagine an app accessible both from a web search engine and available on the mobile stores. 

All the content published through the app is indexable by search engines. Your app has the same visibility as a website on Google.  And thanks to the publication in the App Store and the Play Store, your app can also be installed by over a billion mobile phones.

Without barriers

Imagine an app readily accessible, without prior installation on your phone. 

The installation of an app curbs its usage. This step creates friction and cuts you off from a part of your potential audience.  Your app runs on a web browser as well. Everybody has access to a web browser, which means everybody can easily access your app.


Imagine an app designed to take advantage of your smartphone's power. 

The platform delivers faster and smoother apps than ever. Your app is displayed within milliseconds on a browser. Once installed on your device, the native code takes full advantage of the device’s capacities to offer a one-of-a-kind user experience.

Modular design

Imagine an app with an infinitely configurable design. 

With modular design, the platform introduces a cutting edge concept when it comes to the user experience of your app. 


Imagine a website reinvented according to the ergonomic standards of apps. 

When displayed on a big screen, your app smartly adapts to the extra display space available. You design a site with an app-like interface. That is why navigating your app on a large touchscreen is so comfortable and natural.

Multi platform

Imagine a unified UI, offering perfect continuity across mobile, tablet, PC and TV. 

The platform delivers an app which runs everywhere. Regardless of the device, the user interface remains intuitive, unified and designed for touch interaction first.