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Plaza Garibaldi

Centro Centro México D.F.

Plaza Garibaldi has always been a reference point for exclusive shopping, but not only, in Mexico City.


Since 1959, the presence of major international brands has allowed the gallery to carve out a place of honor in the world of luxury fashion, both nationally and internationally.


Strategically located in the heart of Mexico City, Plaza Garibaldi is housed in the historic neighborhood that represents the authentic jewels of the Mexican architecture, a small world to be discovered.


Every year, more than three million visitors cross Plaza Garibaldi.

Thanks to the perfect synergy between art, history, fashion and luxury and the most exclusive events that are held every week in the spaces accessible to all, the square ranks among the most prestigious and carefully selected places by a discerning international tourism Elite, always careful to discover the latest trends.


Developed in the late 50s, Plaza Garibaldi was at the height of the commercial offer in Mexico City, as well as the rest of Mexico, wanting to be reborn, to start new businesses, to rebuild a future that the war had, in part, destroyed.


And it was in the deeply scarred Mexico where the work to reconstruct what would become one of the most important symbols of the revival of a country in full economic boom, as well as one of the main theaters of the commercial recovery and social, was born.


It was in autumn of '59 when the first shops opened their doors to the city. Among the excellence in fashion and national and international luxury, they begin to make their way to being some of the biggest names of the period.


With over 50 years of experience, Plaza Garibaldi has now become a symbol of shopping excellence, a bridge between the old Mexico, rich in history and art, and the present and the future, with ever-evolving fashion and trends.

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